Services:  (What's the BuZz about?)

BZ Construction prides itself with putting the customer first.  Phone calls and Emails are always answered within 24 hours.  BZ Construction is your one-stop shop.   That means that, no matter how big the project there is no need to hire multiple contractors to get a job done.   From footer and foundation to the roof and gutters, BZ Construction has the knowledge and assets to complete YOUR project free of unnecessary headaches and delays.

Exterior Improvements:

Check out  the before and afters on this BBQ pit.  

A tree did some major damage here...

BZ Construction to the rescue... 

Stamped concrete and a custom Pergola will make this backyard a place to entertain.

Backflow Prevention:

BZ Construction offers certified backflow testing.

Commercial backflow devices must be tested by certified backflow testers annually. BZ will repair or install new backflow devices to bring any facility or residence up to code or into compliance.

Read more about backflow prevention on the MAWC website.

General Upkeep:

Time to update that siding or put a new roof on your house?   Call BZ Construction for a refernce list of satisfied customers in YOUR local area.

Insurance Claims:

From a broken water pipe to wind and hail damage to your roof, we offer free inspections and will represent you before even signing a contract!   You need someone on your side when it's time to meet with an insurance adjuster.

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